Where to buy the most expensive tasty meats

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  1. Catch your $2 lobster dinner game
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  2. King crab for mom
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    Me 2/something like that; i prefer wild game.
    But like my fried a commercial fisher man almost/ he could have been but gave 'em all away. Liked tuna fish from a can to eat/LOL:D:D
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    Yummy! Some of these are really good. Making me hungry.
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    STILL Cheap tuna price , since that post is 2019;
    2022 tuna prices have gone down though that maybe a local loss leader , but not off by much. WMT[USa] include with my price comments . { i'm not concerned with color of tuna's fin ; market maybe is }
    Argentina dove is real tasty hi priced/even when we have the fun of shooting it ourselves.
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    Lol, neat idea!