Where to buy series 7 materials, STC, Dearborn,..?

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  1. Also i am thinking for applying series 7,

    -where are the best places to optain exam materials?
    i heard of dearborn.com and STC, are there any better?

    Which material is good to buy, books or CDs? seems
    there are many choices
  2. #1 Gunner

    #1 Gunner

    I have the Dearborne material for the Series 7 exam. This is the book and the software. I'll sell it to you for what I paid for it...$125.

    Long story, but I decided to not get the Series 7 because my new job does not require it.

    Email me at grampa7@hotmail.com
  3. Truff


    STC has always been very good
  4. Lay down and buy the latest books retail, if they are out of date, you will study and fail the test on old books.

    If you buy them get a CD for the exam and take it until you pass in the hight 80s.

    Then you got a fighting chance.
  5. you should get the dearborn's CD. it divides the questions into subjects so you can focus on any subject you like as you practice. it also does simulated exams. many questions appear word for word in the actual exam by the way. i used their CD and got a grade of 91%.

    to get the CD, try their website or something similar.
  6. Can anyone say whethere STC is better than Dearborn
    on materials?