Where to buy Refurbished Workstation?

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  1. Needing a new rig. Haven't really bought anything refurbished in a while. Is eBay still the best option out there?
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    It's a good one
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    I've purchased five Lenovo WorkStations direct through the Lenovo Factory Outlet over the past fifteen years or so as I recall. There are new restocks, model overruns, and refurbished. I typically get the new restocks. What will happen is that an IBM Commercial business IT customer will order, let's say, 900 and only use 800. The left over 100 will go to the outlet site.

    I will usually order something that I can put memory in myself, but it has the motherboard, CPU, HDDs, OS, and video card that I want - depends on where they price it. It's so easy to get another HDD or video card or memory on NewEgg but the CPU, OS, and an expandable case and motherboard are key for me in terms of what I'm looking for.

    The prices will go up and down fairly dramatically. I was looking at a Legion Gaming Tower a few months ago and bookmarked it. I checked on it a few days later, and for two days they were discounting it another $75 so I bought it on the spot - it ended up being half of listed retail price NIB with free shipping.


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  7. HP direct. The link is http://www.hp.com/sbso/buspurchase_refurbished.html
    If that changes in future, googling "hp refurbished" would have it as the top hit

    Step 1: Price list. You can review what they have currently, but the format is a PITA. So, simply send an email to outlet@hp.com with one or sentences about what you need. Give it a day. They will ignore whatever you wrote in the email and send you a spreadsheet. That is what you want. From that point on you are talking to an individual who would sell you what you want from that list. Act quick as that list goes outdated quickly.

    I have attached a list from late May when I bought my nth computer from them. They all are 100% indistinguishable from brand new.

    Edit: These are HP business class machines, not the plastic clad consumer level crap that's good on paper but can't take a beating. My wife used to destroy one laptop / year, but ever since I buy her the HP business laptops that has stopped. Worth every penny :D
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    i bought a lot computes from ebay. sometimes a like new or open case computer can be grabbed at half price. Most time I bought retired computer from company.
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    Forgot to add...workstations...Precision line...T3630 and up.
  10. great info, thank you all.
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