Where to buy RAM?

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    I've bought most of my memory at NewEgg.com. Good place to shop prices are decent. I bought some of their own RoseWill brand which isn't too bad a couple of sticks of Corsair also for some laptops.

    Before you do your shopping though do some due dillegence on the stores you shop at. It'll save you the headaches of having to deal with the store in case something goes wrong. I usually check out resellerratings.com before placing any orders with any online shops that I've never done business with. Good luck
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    Hm, nobody mentioned Ebay. I got RAM twice from there and with good bidding technic, you can get it for halfprice and shipping is usually around $5....
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  3. 2nd too this poster

    i've purchased memory at 20% of best price available on pricewatch.com 2years ago, shipped! you have to catch other people's mistakes.

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    You might want to check Circuitcity, think they have a sale/rebate on Kingston. Thought that it came out to about $45 for 512mb, but don't quote me.

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  7. Or if you like free software supplied with source code and you happen to be using Linux you might want to investigate cpu.rightmark.org .......this runs - more or less - on windows - and we used the source as a starting point for a linux utility....
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  8. In terms of retailers, I have used Tiger several times with no problems. Zipzoomfly and pcclub were fine as well.

    I have used newegg successfully in the past as well, but the last time I placed a multi-thousand dollar order with them customer service failed to do what they said they would do on multiple occasions which resulted in several weeks of delay for me.

    At that point, I decided to give everyone else a shot at my business first.
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  10. I get computer parts at mwave.com.
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