Where to buy RAM?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Toonces, Dec 22, 2005.

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    Does the quality of RAM differ from one shop to another? I found a website kahlon.com, which seems to be much cheaper than crucial.com.
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    Hey, some of the ET members including myself get most of the computer parts from, "www.newegg.com".

    Happy trading :)
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    Try Tigerdirect.com
  4. I stick with Kingston mainly. I have also bought from Samsung, Crucial and PNY. Kingston is usually very competitive and I have never had trouble with them. I price-shop on www.pricegrabber.com .
  5. quality of ram is determined by its latency, not its brand.

    the name brand memories do have better latency & they tend to be pricy.

    i just bought some 3-3-3 pc3200 ram, because my system already came with memory of such latency. it is pretty slow and it is cheap. cruial make 2.5 and 2's

    you can find out about your memory's latency by using this program
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    both newegg and tigerdirect are pretty good.
    don't forget to run memtest once you got it.


    make sure your computer support latency of memory you choose
  7. Been doing some research prior to my first-ever build attempt.

    Pros at Anandtech have made it clear that quality RAM is important and you should stick with name brands like Crucial, Kingston, etc., especially if you're not an expert. Also, I would suggest you do a search at Anandtech regarding tigerdirect.com. There are a lot of guys there who told me to avoid them. Apologies to the poster who suggested them on this thread - I am just repeating what a bunch of enthusiasts have told me. They all said that Newegg was the place to go, especially if you run into problems with the product. Their return polocy and customer service are apparently first-rate.

    I'm sure you will find people who ordered through tigerdirect with no problems; again, just letting you know what I have been hearing.

    I wish newegg shipped to Canada...
  8. I agree with you. The OP was speaking of where to buy RAM, so my post recommends someone other than crucial. I'm assuming that the OP will get the right type, latency, etc.
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  10. You can always run a system diagnostic like Everest. Once you identify the particulars about the ram you have, you can just buy more of that. The brand doesn't matter much. (I've got Corsair in this rig, but I've used several different brands and all have been OK.)
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