Where to buy Historical Data going back to 1900?

Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by Dart, Aug 6, 2006.

  1. Dart


    Well, I'd like to get historical pricing for Silver going back as far as I can. I've already got daily prices going back to 1969, but I'd like to see what the markets looked like during the Depression, and such.

    Is there a data provider selling historical pricing going back before the depression for commodities, such as silver and gold? I use Ensign, so all I need is a .csv file to import the data.

    Also, how far back does Tradestation go for silver and gold? There are the spot prices, the Comex prices, and the CBOT prices. Not sure if Tradestation has spot metal prices. On a Daily or Monthly, with SI (comex), how far back does TS go?

  2. ????..........contact Robert Prechter(elliottwave.com), Jake Bernstein(MBH Commodity Advisors) or the Commodity Research Bureau. You might "score" with one of them.
  3. there are a few professors at nyu, UofToronto and UBC that can help you. You might want to go their webpages and email them.

  4. dan05


    You can Check www.cqg.com

  5. Dart


    Wow! Over 750 years of historical prices. Looks like I can get it for around $100-$150, with a year of updates. Does the Daily data update on a daily basis for the year?

    This is impressive. Exactly what I had in mind. Thanks!

    By the way, thank you everyone for your responses. Most appreciated.