Where to buy historical charts?

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    Does anyone know where to buy weekly and/or monthly historical charts of stock indexes that get go way back in time (eg for the DJIA back to 1896).

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    Pinnacles Data has the data you are looking for back to 1901.

    See link group, X4. We have a special deal with pinnacle and as you can see you will get all types of hard to get data. You can order it from TradersStudio.com and get the special deal available to our customers.

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    heres a monthly on the $indu from 1900 until now, not sure if you need more then that but for free you can go to prophet,net and load the chart and in the time line click ALL and you get all the info, you can change it from day to year if you want
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    heres a yearly
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    monthly nas
  6. You can find free Dow Jones daily data back to 1920 or so here:
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    Hi, sorry for the late reply. Thanks for all of your answers. I liked the prophet.net source. I just need to find something bigger (possibly a big wall chart). Thanks for the suggestions though.
  8. if you can't find one then you can e-mail a chart to kinkos or staples or sir speedy and one of them should be able to make it almost any size for you
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    Following up on the question:

    Does anybody know of any source of deep historical data / charts (EOD, Weekly, Monthly) of stocks of the past century, 1900 - ......... ?
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