where to buy gold coins?

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  1. Can someone recommend a website (preferably Canadian) that sells gold coins? Not looking for rare or expensive coins, in fact smaller, less expensive coins would be preferable.
  2. I've done business with www.apmex.com
    They are in Oklahoma, US, however.
  3. www.kitco.com
    If your in Montreal I think you can just drop by and get them yourself.
    In major cities there are surely some dealers where you can buy small amounts. We have some here in Montreal. It's good to have your coins right into your hands and spreads are similar.
    Be carefull the price you pay because lately there is a high premium on coins because of a shortage caused by an excess demand (proof is that you want to buy some ;-)
  4. Why?

    they are ALWAYS overpriced!

    often dramatically
  5. Silver coins are better. Buy blank ones.
  6. Ormen


    You can walk into any scotioa bank and buy it. Do know that gold is traded in USD, even in Canada, and as a result you must pay relative to the exchange rate at that moment.
  7. Most gold coin is 20% to buy and sell so thats already a decent move to break even. Unless you are hoping for it to triple in value.
  8. People don't do that for speculation purposes. Unless one would want to avoid taxes.
    When you buy metal you are willing to pay the spread so that you get the real thing... in your hands.
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