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  1. I am looking to replace my 'catch all' laptop as it's dying a slow and painful death.

    I was hoping some of our computer guru's might be able to direct me to some websites that have clearance, refurbished, etc. available. I would prefer to stay with Windows XP as I do not feel like being a Vista guinea pig.

    Any help would be appreciated.
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    all the "Big Box" stores (e.g. Staples, BestBuy, etc.) have warehouse outlets.

    My brother picked up a nice notebook at half price, because there was a scratch on the cover.
  5. I like techbargains.com
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  8. Don't buy a used computer/laptop. Always buy brand new.
  9. first - I am not going to buy used; however a clearance model, scratch n dent, refurb is fine with me. I guess a refurb could be considered used, but I am ok with a refurb.

    I should also note that this is NOT for any trading app's at all. This is purely a laptop to do my other stuff on to keep the trading computers clean.
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