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  2. If a trading system is proven to be profitable and I can generate profit from it, I can do it for free. If a system is profitable and beyond my ability to generate sufficient profit from it, because, say, it has large capital requirements, then a % of the profit will be required. The % will be negotiable depending on the profit. Obviously it has to be sufficient to compensate my efforts.
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  3. You are a fake bidder. You can have it, but you wouldn't know what to do with it.
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    I understand the business side. You should understand that someone coming to you for the first time probably has been using manual strategy or want to try an automated one. They won't have the history you are looking for.

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  5. I wasn't looking for auto trading history. I am looking for profitable trading that can be automated. If they are not profitable manually, they have no chance going automatic. This is the part people don't understand. They have the funny belief that they are not profitable because they are not doing it automatically.
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    Knowing what 1245 does, he can be your gateway to a ton of business. I suggest you PM him.
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  7. It's OK man. If there are business, they will find me. After all I offer quite a good deal. Frankly I offered the same deal over the years never had a single useful prospect. I did get a few noobs trying their luck. They couldn't get past a few questions.
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  8. Any good discretionary trader would keep his trade logs and from
    that able to deduce the system performance metrics.
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  9. Do you have an autotrade system running ?
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  10. I'm a software professional and I've implemented a some "great ideas" for free for a few individuals. These were ideas that appeared to be (in my judgement) worthy of development and I thought I had a chance at riding the gravy train. My experience has been:
    1. Profitable manual traders are not rigidly following a set of concrete entry and exit rules.
      They are generally looking at more inputs than simple price, time, volume etc and their brains have developed an intuitive feel for when risk is high and low. This is impossible to implement in a computer program, at least with current technology.
    2. When implemented as a rigid set of entry/exit rules, the trader's idea ends up not being profitable in either forward- or back-testing. This is a direct result of #1.
    3. The trader, in frustrated denial, claims the programmer "didn't do it right." At this point he gets the brilliant idea that he just needed more filters. So now he has the programmer add this and that indicator to filter out the obviously "bad" trades. The trip down this rabbit hole results in amazing back-testing results that don't work in forward time due to over-optimization and data mining bias.
    4. After #3 doesn't work the last resort is the suggested addition of position sizing strategies such as Martingale and its derivatives.
    5. At this point I stop work because further effort is clearly pointless.
    A truly serious and motivated individual with good ideas is best served by hiring a programmer directly as an employee or contractor. But keep in mind that programmers in the financial industry aren't $10/hour script kiddies. They're paid $100+/hour by well-funded firms.

    The average "guy with a good idea" isn't willing to pay anything for programming. If you think you can be a programmer on a paid basis with such an individual you're at a high risk of getting stiffed for your work. And if you do the job for free thinking you'll have a profitable automated system, think again; it's very very unlikely.

    It really isn't worth it.
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