where to advertise programming services?

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by tradelink, Mar 18, 2008.

  1. I am a trader, but I also program boxes and other tools on the side.

    I know elitetrader doesn't allow commercial postings of any kind, does anyone know any sites where I could offer my services?

    I know about the general coding sites like dice, rentacoder, etc... but in my experience most traders do not know about or find much interest in these sites...

    anybody have experience getting programming work from traders, can tell me what websites they use?

    thanks in advance...
  2. what exactly can you program for traders? can you program customs indicators as stand alone indicators that you just feed tick data into or do you have to work with existing charting applications? Can you PM me so we could have a discussion?
  3. Pay Barron $500 and you can advertise on elitetrader.
  4. m_kramar


    Very interesting question. I also have experience developing trading platforms and I'm also looking for a website to offer my services.

    I think elitetrader admin could create a forum for this. Or a section similar to "Software" where programmers could advertise themselves.
  5. I would've thought that "I offer programming services to traders" posts could go in the "Classifieds" section... but they make it very clear that no commercial postings of any kind are allowed here.

    I haven't gotten a real answer to my question- just a lot of interest about what my programming rates are- so I figure the community needs something like this.

    I created a google group so commercial providers can post a page about whatever service they provide, and traders can ask questions or talk about rates or any of the other stuff that violates the elitetrader AUP.




    Unfortunately elitetrader doesn't allow commercial postings of any kind of their otherwise fantastic website.

    This is good, because it keeps the spam off.

    This is also bad, because it means that programmers and other service providers have to pay to be found... which costs the traders too.

    This group is meant to provide a free and open forum for finding trading service providers.

    We encourage service providers to create a page that describes their company or service.