Where the world's millionaires live

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  1. How many millionaires are here in Elitetrader?. Any billionaire also?.
  2. How many truthful answers do you expect?
  3. poor americans dont realise wealth has already shifted to Asia, you look around and you see an immigrant asian running a take away and think oh how poor they must be, but those are the rejects LOL, the smart talent is all staying put in their home countries
  4. Go Belgium!

    If we didnt have the highest tax rate in the world we would be nr 1 on that list for sure!
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    What are you talking about dude? Those guys are the winners, all the tips are undocumented. On top of that, they don't have to stay in the restaurant and get bossed around. Although they wont be millionaires, but how do you know they don't have millions stashed under the mattress?
  6. Who really gives a flying f**k about where the millionares live.

    How about posting constructive threads that are truly beneficial to the real traders on here. Some of U people posting this kind of garbage obviously lack a real, ambitious, focused attitude on trading. Truly pathetic....
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    i see some correlation between cap. gain taxes and % of millionaires in that link... :p
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    Belgium , please !
  9. Do paper trading accounts count? :D
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