Where the HELL is that fat bastard Cheney??

Discussion in 'Politics' started by bungrider, Mar 13, 2003.

  1. Anyone see that sneering f^ck lately???

    Talk about useless VP's...this guy's been underground hiding like a pussy since 9/11/01...

    How much are we paying him to hide??? 200k???
  2. He's busy doing oil deals with the leaders of Iraq that he's gonna install...
  3. Brown and Root bankrolled Lyndon Johnson from 1939 through his 1964 re-election.

    Johnson got them a $250,000,000 contract with the War Department in 1943. THe profitted $60,000,000. Big dough now, huge back then.

    Herman Brown was the Granddaddy of the business of politics and the politics of business.

    Not surprising his company's successor had tapped Cheney.
  4. Cheney still profits from Halliburton:
    Cheney is still paid by Pentagon contractor
    Bush deputy gets up to $1m from firm with Iraq oil deal

    The company would not say how much the payments are. The obligatory disclosure statement filled by all top government officials says only that they are in the range of $100,000 and $1m. Nor is it clear how they are calculated.

    HAL has held up nicely :D :D :D Cheney laughing all the way to the bank :mad: :mad:
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    Hi. I'm new to this board, and still reading about the "ignore" function that I can use to eliminate jerky posters. When I fgure it out, bungerider and trader556 are going straight to my ignore list!

    You are 2 sick pups for writing a thread like this. You are also cowards for hiding behind "imaginary names", while casting disgraceful jabs at the V.P.

    Cheney is a great V.P. who has a long history of public service. I see when this thread was started, and by the lack of response to it, I can tell that most don't agree with your scummy opinions, and have chosen to ignore you.

    You can add this newcomer to that list.

  6. lol.

    and gore was just mr visibility!
  7. hehe :D
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    Great way to join the fray. Don't like someone's opinion? Put 'em on ignore.

    Your world must be very interesting.

    Nolan's Utopia. All people think alike. Those that don't get "eliminated". Conversations must be truly stimulating in a world like that:confused:

    I hope this Nolan is a goof alias of one of the usual suspects. If it is a real new member who introduces himself in this manner, I find it really pathetic.

    Peace, and happy drilling. Whoever you are.
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    Not exactly.

    It's the way they express their opinions. That's what I don't like. You can get your opinion across quite clearly without using words like "fat bastard" etc. This shows tremendous lack of respect, and frankly, is exactly the type of person I want to ignore. I ignore classless people in my real life, and on message boards too. It makes perfect sense to me. Maybe not in your crass world, though.

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