Where the hell is Santa?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by drcha, Dec 7, 2017.

  1. drcha


    I want my rally!

    PS-Yes, I have been good all year
  2. just21


    Maybe you should be looking at crypto this year.
  3. tommcginnis


    Santa is right underneath you. Have no fear.

    Santa sits at 2600 in the bushes, jus' a'wait'n top pop to the chim'ley at 2680, to scootch downstairs to 2660.

    No fears.*

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  4. Visaria


    I increased my long stock index positions today in anticipation.
  5. Overnight


    Oh no, not the dreaded YIMVOIMMBCTTADNOHMMWUTIOSCBNFBP disclaimer!
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  6. CALLumbus


    I scalp in bitcoin... Santatime every day !
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  7. comagnum


    The real 'Santa' rally appears in the last week - at least historically speaking it tacks on an average of 3.1% onto the DJIA from its inception in 1896.
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  8. Overnight


    ~750 points in the last week? Damn, that would meet those forecasts of 25,000 by end of year quite comfortably.
  9. He's got a full sack, and he's gonna shoot his muck on the non believers and the bears in quick time. Expect some nice upside incoming. It's the Traders bonus, the gift that always gives
  10. The market gods don't care if you're a Nun or a Rapist.

    If you're waiting for your Santa rally, or any rally, to happen...it won't arrive. -- At least not for you ...in a nice gift box, or silver platter.

    You have to be rather proactive with the market.
    There's a bull market/rally happening everyday, for the trained/experienced calm and patient and analytical killer trader.
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