Where the 47 Percent Live

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    Where the 47 Percent Live

    Was Mitt Romney correct in a recently surfaced video that 47 percent of the voting public pay no federal income tax? The figure that he cited originates from a 2011 study conducted by the Tax Policy Center. Although the figure in the study is actually 46.4 percent, the basic claim is true — there is a large swath of U.S. citizens who pay no federal income tax whatsoever.

    Who are these people, and why are they exempt?

    “They’re either paying payroll taxes or they’re the elderly,” Heather Boushey, senior economist at the Center for American Progress, said in an e-mail. “Only 7.9% of households do not pay any federal taxes, but that’s because they’re either students, on disability, or unemployed.”

    These groups may not pay federal income tax, but that's different from paying no taxes whatsoever. “Everyone pays taxes of some sort,” Boushey said. “If you have a job, you pay payroll taxes. If you buy things, you pay sales taxes. And people pay taxes to their state and local governments.”

    Other groups who pay no federal income tax include retirees and people earning $20,000 a year or less. “The elderly don’t have to pay income tax on their Social Security benefits, while low income workers qualify for the Earned Income Tax Credit or the Child Tax Credit,” Boushey said.

    Read ahead to see the 10 states with the highest number of people who pay no federal income tax. The rankings are from the Tax Foundation and are from 2010, the nonpartisan tax research group’s most recent list.

    1. Mississippi
    Total Returns: 1,283,495
    Returns With Income Tax Liability: 712,035
    Returns With No Income Tax Liability: 571,460
    Nonpayers: 44.5%

    Mississippi tops the list because it comes in first place in numerous categories. “Mississippi ranks number one for returns with no taxable income, for Earned Income Tax Credit recipients and refundable child tax credit recipients,” Kasprak said.

    The state is also “last in average income per return,” he said. “By most measures, it’s the poorest state in the country, so that is why it has so many nonpayers.”

    2. Georgia
    Total Returns: 4,589,611
    Returns With Income Tax Liability: 2,639,561
    Returns With No Income Tax Liability: 1,950,050
    Nonpayers: 42.5%

    Georgia is home to nearly 2 million households that pay no income tax. This puts it near the top of the list of states where the 47 percent reside.

    “Georgia is number two for returns with no taxable income,” Kasprak said. “It’s also fourth for returns receiving the refundable child tax credit.”

    3. Alabama
    Total Returns: 2,102,251
    Returns With Income Tax Liability: 1,254,979
    Returns With No Income Tax Liability: 847,272
    Nonpayers: 40.3%

    Almost 850,000 Alabama households filed tax returns for 2010 that reflected no liability. According to Kasprak, the state ranks third in the nation for percentage of Earned Income Tax Credit recipients, and the mean annual salary in the state is $39,180, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. As a result, more than 40 percent of the state’s residents paid no income tax.

    4. Florida
    Total Returns: 9,631,252
    Returns With Income Tax Liability: 5,879,430
    Returns With No Income Tax Liability: 3,751,822
    Nonpayers: 39%

    Residents of Florida, the only swing state on the list, aren’t in the nation’s top 10 for the Earned Income Tax Credit or the Child Tax Credit. However, it has the second-highest percentage of returns reflecting income under $50,000 and the sixth-highest percentage of returns with no taxable income.

    The state’s large elderly population is a major factor in its high ranking. “Florida has the highest percentage of returns with taxable Social Security of any of these states,” Kasprak said. “That indicates a higher-than-normal percentage of elderly people, who, in general, have less taxable income and are more likely to be nonpayers.”

    5. Arkansas
    Total Returns: 1,224,333
    Returns With Income Tax Liability: 748,945
    Returns With No Income Tax Liability: 475,388
    Nonpayers: 38.8%

    In terms of mean annual wage, Arkansas is in worse shape than South Carolina. Its average salary is $36,340, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

    Accordingly, Arkansas also has a higher percentage of tax returns reflecting low annual salaries. “Arkansas has the third-highest percentage of returns with income under $50,000,” Kasprak said.
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    Dishonesty- didn't even answer your own question properly.

    Where are they? I counted 22.067M in Blue States, 17.740M in red states and the rest in swing states. The 47% are mostly in blue states.


    More importantly, much more importantly , how do they vote?


    Pay has been shown to be correlated with education level, which in turn is correlated with income level (statisically). Education level is correlated with IQ.

    Dumb uneducated parasites vote democrat.
  3. The majority of college graduates and those with some college education voted for Obama


    States With The Lowest Percentage Of College Degree Holders


    West Virginia

    Guess who 9 of those 10 states will be voting for ?
  4. 88, knows this, I don't know why conservatives just live in an alternate reality from the rest of us.
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    Dear idiot,

    You missed the point entirely, eat some spinach try to think harder.
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    Dear idiot number 2,

    Question: What kind of simpleton thinks there are no Obama voters in red states?
  7. I'm not so sure,his own link clearly showed that most of the 47 % live in red states :confused:

    He then tries to argue the least educated vote democrat when the fact is red states are the least educated :confused:
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    OMG you are dumb, can you count?

    This ranks right up there with some of the dumbest comments I have ever seen
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