Where should I restart !?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by ColdHead, Aug 25, 2010.

  1. ColdHead


    Hi guys,

    I'm a daytrader since 2005 and I began as a credit trader. I'm now trying technical trading but it still pretty tough.

    It seems like everything happends in the first 30 mins of the day. I'm trying to catch strong stocks with scanners but it's kind of too fast and it's hard to choose the good stocks !! I'm often shaked out, the stock stop his trend or completely reverse !

    How do you prepare yourselves ? What kind of clues are you looking for to know that a stock will go on your side ? What is the first step I should focus on to coming back in the green side ??

    Thanks for helping !


  2. Foreplay.
  3. It happens in the start you just have to concentrate on your work and things will start settling down
  4. apama1


    here's a tip for you. Many ambiguous claims of cheap stocks pretend that he or she is a legit penny stock broker. Shares are lowered to the most affordable rate because of the fact that penny stocks are priced inaccurately. If this happens, check on their track record if there's any document available.
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    Acknowledge you are experienced – but I’ll also add you’re currently getting wrapped around the axle so.....

    Pick one, and only one stock – ATR .50 - .80 cents / daily volume > 1M (yeah I know not glamorous but right now – if I am not mistaken – you’re searching for consistency and profit)

    Now trade this one stock every single day – come hell or high water – till you get your sea legs about you - then you can add another...

    Yesterday’s action sets up today’s follow though – or failure there of

    Btw – I never look for a stock to get on my side… but I’ll do my damndest to get on its side – every day (small but quite important detail Sir - imho)

    eta - And if by chance you don’t like my idea - here’s another – focus on Dustin’s posts


  6. What are you scanning for?
  7. ColdHead


    High Guys thx a lot for helping !! Very appreciate !!

    I'm looking for stock on the move premarket with Madscan ! Trying to take stocks with New significant high or low...

    Even with this strategy, i'm often late or i'm choosing ''the bad one'' . Long in stocks who start the day with a big pull back...and watching those who woul;d have worked...:mad:

    If you have new ideas...do not be shy ! :)

    Ty !