Where should I look for this economic information?

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    I am trying to pull together some information about the subprime mess, how much money the U.S. invests in various countries, and what has been the total global circulation of the Euro versus the US Dollar over the past 10 years.

    I have access to a Bloomberg terminal which is always a big help.

    Specifically, I am trying the find the answers to the following:

    (1) What is the total dollar value of sub-prime writeoffs -- both realized and projected?

    (2) What is the total dollar decline of the Shanghai Stock Exchange since approximately 10/19/07

    (3) What was 2007 US investment in China and India and compare that with US investment in Europe (start with Ireland, Austria and Sweden then branch out from there). I'm thinking that the US poured more money into Europe than Asia.

    (4) What has been the total global circulation of the Euro versus the US Dollar over the past 10 years?

    For some of these I am uncertain where to look so if any of you experts out there would be willing to lend some advice it would be greatly appreciated!!

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    Noboday wants to take a stab? :)
  3. Ummm go to a library?
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    Worst response ever.

    Not only is your comment not helpful, it is stated in the form of a question!

    Seriously though, if you find anything after some digging please post!
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  6. Excuse me good sir, but you did not use proper capitalization, nor punctuation in your previous post.

    Perhaps you should try to look up the information yourself in an institution known as a "library."

    Perhaps you should also infer inflection while reading on these forums.
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    Actually, "bumping" a thread on an online forum and putting the word "bump" in the text field is simply a courtesy and not subject to the same scrutiny as normal prose.

    Perhaps you can actually post something of substance instead of posting like a child. Clearly one can't walk into a library and magically pull this data together just by blindly taking books and periodicals off of shelves. The purpose of this thread was to ask for what is known as assistance. My advice:
    Stop acting like a dolt and either help or do not bother posting at all.
    Explain what you mean by "these" forums. Am I to assume you mean all online forums as a whole or simply Elite Trader forums? Not surprisingly, you are much too imprecise.