Where should I invest?

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    I have about $20k that I want to invest. I say invest because I would like this to be somewhat longer-term and not require a fulltime job to manage. Basically, I want to get better than the 1.04% interest that it is currently getting in a savings account. I know risk : reward so does anyone have any good ideas for 5% growth, 10%, 15%...

    I assume that this is the best forum to post this. If anyone knows for a forum more tailored to investing rather than trading, please let me know.
  2. precious metals are good but perhaps a little high at the moment but rising.

    if you do go down that route i suggest shares at the perth mint.
  3. Maybe check various life insurance products.
  4. -Don't invest all 20K in one go.

    If I were you invest in Canadian deonominated stocks.

    Look at India, China, Russia stocks

    Americas' strength in its expertise has diminished.

    Here's what I would buy

    EEM.TO (5000) 2500 * 2 in the year
    XIC.TO (5000) 2500 * 2 x in the year
    GLD (5000) 2500 * 2 in the year
    IFN (2500) 1000 + 1500 purchases
    RSX (2500) 500 + 5 purchases

    Trading commission will cost 13 trade or 130 in US dollars.
  5. Smart idea to stagger your entries. However, I would go one further and even if you are not going to trade actively, I would move your account to a deep discount broker (IB or whoever) to save on commissions. This way you can invest small amounts monthly (say $500) and pay $1 for a trade. I would also maintain at least 30-50% in one of the US index ETFs (SPY or IWM). Yes, there are great opportunities overseas, but the US is still a major force in world economics.
  6. If you're looking for a longer and higher return of investment you can go for stock markets.

    You might also want to seek advice from some financial advisers. They would give you options that will meet your personality.