Where should a beginner begin?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by tortoise, Jan 1, 2018.

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    If no one's mentioned it in 9 pages, investopedia is a good source for fundamentals. I've kind of been following Buffet's advice of going after strong companies with decent leadership but never really read anything by the guy.... May behoove to read up on FA I suppose.
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    Does anyone either of you know currently make a living trading?

    If yes, start there.
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  4. The right learning recommendation for anyone on any subject is only known .... in hindsight.
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    That can be part of a big edge, not having a male Ego LOL:D I also see some danger for original posters female friend-what is that?? Quote''she has a good head on her shoulders'' As they say in Chicago--the smarter you are the longer it takes:caution::cool: Another female advantage, she may say like one-'' I've been afraid to get in the market, exspecting another 2008 crash.'' I told her, i know how you feel ,if i thought that, also i would not buy much ...... But really flash crash seldom happens, 2008 was a polar bear market
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    I "liked" your post just by way of saying "I'm glad you said all that, so I didn't have to". [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Good green pictures,+Ela.....LOL Another advantage of having a male ego, eveen though some punks/system sellers are not polite; most men are polite but blunt... Save enough bullets, so if an elephant comes by fire away- as UK fund manager says
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