Where should a beginner begin?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by tortoise, Jan 1, 2018.

  1. spindr0


    Are you saying that he's no longer the Karate Kid of Elite trading???
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  2. lcranston


    One would think so. But then there are all those who've been shorting the NQ during the last 90 points. As I said, if a trader can't tell whether price is higher or lower at point A than it was at Point B, then, he's going to have trouble.
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  3. comagnum


    Personally I will not train any friends - I may recommend the Market Wizards (original) if they seem really motivated and keep pestering me.

    Besides they may do a lot better on their own - I sure can't buffer them from the hard won & expensive lessons required to make it in this game.

    My X and I are good friends, never once has she asked for market advice. She has a knack for picking up the leading stocks during the big fire sales and holding, she outperforms me for years at a time. Good thing I didn't train her. We are both wise enough to know that mixing financial stuff with friends/family don't usually work out well.
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    Sir, there is a study that said women were better investors/traders because they didn't take as much risks and were more patient, two critical elements of successful trading.:finger:
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  5. ironchef


    How true, very easily can be ex-girl friend if you help teach her how to trade.:D
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    They also have much less ego. They're more concerned about trading well than about "keeping score". Their focus, therefore, is more on the market and its dynamics than on themselves. Or perhaps I should say their "selves".
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  7. What drives prices, volume and trends from a technical (not fundamental) perspective? That's essentially what you would be asking yourself when developing a theory of how the market works.
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  8. Bobbybax


    Does she want to be a trader or does she want to make trades?
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  9. volpri


    Ideally both.
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  10. Bobbybax


    I have known hundreds of people who trade for a living but I would only consider a handful of them traders.
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