Where should a beginner begin?

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    Actually it can be the exact opposite. Sellers offer an obstacle by backing off on their offers causing price to rise on very soft volume because sellers are backing off and buyers have to bump up to buy.

    Nowdays interested buyers and interested sellers doesn't actually mean alot because there is so much illegal spoofing going on so the "wall" on a dom means less than what it used to mean as htfs make and pull offers and bids faster than a trader can say jimbo.

    Price can rise because of increased demand. It can also rise on sellers backing away. And volume can stay the same, in both cases. The net effect is the same but the concepts are different. Actually today the sellers were probally backing off as opposed to buyers tripping over themselves forcing BO's
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  2. That sounds awfully like a philosophy to me.
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    Its not that easy. Sorry.
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    You're introducing the DOM and buy and sell orders, which may be important to a scalper but not likely to be of concern to someone who is new to the markets. When one limits himself to completed transactions, which are all that a beginner is likely to be concerned with, the picture is considerably clearer.
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    In the most basic sense, that's true. But where does she want to go involves more than just that. She might want to trade for additional income and that could be as easy as some covered calls for some extra yield. Or maybe she wants to be a day trading giant like many of those who post here all day long :D
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    Well, XEla ,since it takes time to develop anything; i would for starters mention it takes most people years.And if she is not @ the top of the typing class in speed,that tells us a lot. If she is at the top of her class in typing speed, that could be one out of 100 development points:caution::cool:
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    It can be.
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    Lvbo’s (low volume break out) exist, but in liquid markets this phenomenon presents itself because it’s in a non-Dominant retrace of a larger Dominant opposing channel.

    PA making new highs on decreasing volumes are not sustainable. Volume will come in to the market to continue the BO or reverse in the opposite direction.

    The cases where this is not true are illiquid markets with wide bid/ask spreads, where a bluffer hasn’t completed their campaign or an instrument whose fundamental values are not well known. Spread traders might influence this as well but my understanding of spread trading is limited.
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