Where should a beginner begin?

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    Learn price action
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  3. hundreds of pages of the gibberish.Just give her the candle quaters and you`ll be surprise how poor your at trading and how great she is.
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    Have her watch www.tastytrade.com If she finds that stimulating and thereby asks you questions, then that will guide you to be able to direct her focus with your help.
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  6. Ofcourse,that`s what they need...
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  7. Study philosophy and life wisdom, first. -- kind of like The Karate Kid...you don't immediately just kick and punch, and expect to win.

    The market and business and psychology then comes next, and all of its collective, dynamic variables and technicalities.

    Trade to be a black belt, Elite, trader -- or nothing at all.
    Will you be part of the less than 1% that truly succeed trading...or a part of the 99%+ that flail around getting nowhere,

    Study the teachings of Bruce Lee, it's pretty good...the wisdom applies to more than just the literal field of martial arts. There are some on Youtube.
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  8. If you are talking about trading, then one thing is a must: a proper understanding bout all financial market tools and techniques. In today’s world, derivative market is also increasing at an increasing pace, so if you don’t know about in and out of financial market how you can be able to trade? No pro trader will suggest that bond is better than equity rather he may say that you can invest where you will find better opportunities to trade. By the right now, I prefer currency investment in the forex market.
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    I realised, reading your OP last night, what a very difficult question it is to answer (especially without knowing the person concerned!).

    This is about all I have to offer. [​IMG]
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  10. is she cut out for a job like a freelance photographer, with infrequent gigs & hence erratic income? does she have a passion for trading? or if it is just to make $ cos trading seems easy? if the answer is yes, like 99.999% of us, save her the tears & time by gently discouraging her. it takes an average of 7 years to make a trader, without good mentors

    if she is not all the above, the fastest way to learn is to seek good mentors. from her social circle or online. she may need advice from you on how to filter BS. or you could just try mentoring her, if you are profitable

    giving advice on trading is tough bcos everyone is different. trading styles that appeal to you, may not appeal to her. to self discover a trading style, journal all her thoughts when trading, & seek a trade she can repeat, over & over. the best way to learn market structure is to observe price when it arrives at significant highs or lows. when is price likely to reverse vs when it is likely to breakout. ultimately as a trader (& not investor/ fund mgr), we are seeking to trade when enough traders are trapped in positions
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