Where or from whom can one study in Germany?

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by Smilingtrader, Aug 31, 2021.

  1. Does anyone know good courses in Germany or traders who take on training traders to trade on the NYSE or NASDAQ?
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    Why would you limit yourself to Germany when you have access to the world wide web?

    Unless of course you mean face to face mentoring.
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    Also, seriously doubt there are many traders in Germany considering the tax treatment. Most I've heard of have left or are leaving.
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  5. It all depends on how much you are willing to pay for training.
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    Not specific to NYSE/Nasdaq but a very good basic youtube price action trading course:-
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    Not sure i know anyone from Germany but if you are looking to trade the NYSE then,
    One of the best and transparent stock traders is Umar Ashraf,
    he takes all his trades live and shows the profits as well as loses(which rarely any mentors do)
    A genuine mentor and honest about his portfolio too.