Where is volume?

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    Where is volume? Where is instutional and retail orders pending? Only computers bid and offer a 100... when will it change?
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    QQQ...... has plenty of buy /sell volume. NOT like the 30 million/30 minute bear + buy spikes around 2000/+ but still plenty liquid LOL:caution::caution:[edit note, i may double check that+if its a 10 million bear + buy per 30 or 60 minute candle chart , you see my liquid point, year 2000.....]I think they had plenty of 90 QQQ/QQQQ million volume days, if i remember right]
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    This is what we get when 'exchanges' offer "priviledged" access to hft algos to make markets. fair weather market making. "when the sun shines, we will be here 'for you' (your money). when it rains, we'll just turn off our machines." euro crisis 2011. brexit. US elections. any high volatility event. capitalism. business & politics.

    gone are the traditional MMs who are contractually obliged to honour their market making duties.
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    I double checked that QQQ chart, i remembered most of it , but it was May 10 2002. It was a Turnaround Tuesday, but unlike this week, QQQ uptrended WED-THUR,closed up for the week even in a bear market. Turnaround Tuesday had 16 million +18 million 30 minute candles charts. QQQ closed the week @$30.93+ [under 50 day moving average, which was $34.5]. QQQ volume that turnaround tuesday was about 85 million, not hi volume day that week:D
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