Where is Value? A historical view

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  2. I dont get it.. are you trying to become a fundemental trader.. lol

    If you are.. u have a lot to learn. You can not compete with the research dept of hedge funds.. they have guys calling CEO's, supply chains, study a particular industry for years, they build quantitaive models of earnings and sales growth going back to WWII... I dont understand where u come as being some type of fundemental guru? What are your credentials.. do u know how to value companies?

    You should stick with trading flags and pennants.

    By the way there are a lot of really good wall st. independent research that I personally know. My friend has a hedge fund and they always get great ideas... you have the mentality that all the analysts only go on CNBC.

    Some wall st. analysts are really good. What bothers me is that you make this videos and come off as some type of guru.. if u really were.. u would be managing a $100mil hedge fund and own your own castle in Monaco.. not answering emails from losers rah rahing stocks and analysts from CNBC.
  3. What is value?... why dont u take into a account that the p/e ratio for stocks is 17.. with a 10 year yield under 4%... where does that come into your equation? What was the 10 year yield in the 70's? Does that make difference when valuing stocks.. or did u accidentally forget about that.. lol

    Its just funny, that u are trying to evolve into a fundamental based trader.. when you should stick with chart patterns which will probably give u a better edge.. when it comes to analyzing fundamentals leave it up to the pro's and Phd's.

    I went to your website and noticed listened to some of your videos.. and noticed how u dont like AAPL and u love papa johns (eat a lot of their pizza).. etc... do you really know how to value these companies.. whats your experience valuing restaurant companies.. what type of metrics did you use?
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    The only credential I have, which is probably the only one I need, is that I have made money on a consistant basis though all kinds of markets. I do not have any fancy degrees, in fact I was kicked out of the university of iowa for bad academic performance. I have though made money myself and for my clients, both those who subscribe to various products I have and those who pay me a % of the gains on my money managment business.

    I am aware that there are some excellent analysts on Wall Street, but they tend to not be sell siders.

    All my best,
  5. Great can you email me or post some of your perfomance figures.. and i'll be more than happy to give you the respect you claim to deserve.
  6. Well you consistently trash them as morons and consider them "anal". I agree that the morons on cnbc are all bullshit.. but do u think the hedge fund guys that manage $100mil+ or any seasoned investor llistens or care what they say? For that matter.. do they even watch CNBC?

    Like I said.. there are many really good analysts.. dont bash others.. because u have yet to publicly proclaim the performance and credentials that you have.

    You see.. when u trade a stock holding it for 10 days or whatever short term time frame you have.. thats not really in line with the work of many analysts.. They provide ideas for institutions that have hundreds of millions that are looking to buy deep value or super high growth stocks that will double or triple in the next 1-2 years. Longer time frame is where the fortunes are made. Yes there will be volatility and up and down market cycles.. but when a company has a great story and good numbers to back it up.. regardless of what the dow jones does.. at the end wall street does pick it up. Sometimes u need deep pockets to sit through and be patient.
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    Honestly, probably not. You strike me as an obnoxious assI would send you my stats if you were interested in investing with me and I was interested in having you as a client. Your not though, and I'm not either.

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    I'm only bashing the sell siders for the most part. I get a number of reports from analysts that I consider much smarter than myself and I listen to them. I can clarify that in the future if it makes you feel better.

  9. Why would someone create multiple videos and start blasting them on the internet and message forums. Obviously you have motives of profit.. or you really have no life.. which I am sure you do.

    I respectfully ask to show your credentials. If one were to goto University... is it wrong to ask to see your professors resume? Almost all universities post this online.

    Your website states that you are a mentor/professional.. whats wrong with backing it up with facts.. and performance figures. If you want respect from intellects then either put it up.. or you will attract the losers that watch CNBC.
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    My last post on this matter, then I will go enjoy the monsoon season in SW Florida.

    As for mentoring credentials I only have to offer my former clients and current clients. Several of the largest websites out there are run by people who started off as my clients and with me as a mentor. A few of them are much more successful with their web business than I am. Some are also better traders than me, even much better. So, if any of them want to come out and say something I would certainly appriciate it, though I am not sure how many of them actively read ET.

    As to performance numbers I would be happy to but them up on my site because it would end my having to defend myself all the time for not having them up. However, my attorney would be less than thrilled and seeing as how i have gotten myself into trouble in the past doing what I wanted to do but I have never gotten into trouble doing what he wanted me to do, I will continue to listen to him. I'm sorry for whoever this is a good enough response for, in truth I think it rather sucks myself.

    As to the CNBC crowd I do not mind attracting them, and I would dare say that the mentoring business I and many others have would not be around with them (nor, most likely, would elitetrader) Since that is the crowd that tends to take advantage of mentoring and newsletters and the like though I continue to talk about issues that effect them for those purposes.

    I started my web site stuff up primarily to attract attention to myself so that I could manage money. I have been very surprised at the people who are online and trying to trade their own accounts. Former CEOs of fortune 100 companies and some of the nations most successful business people. After seeing what I have to offer, many of them have become my clients.

    I hope we can now please get back to the topic at hand. If you have any thoughts on value at the current levels I would like to take your thoughts into consideration.

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