Where is Turok??!!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by DATTrader, Feb 12, 2002.

  1. C'mon Turok where are you? It has been a month now that you have left us. Can't you please come back? You are still listed on the "top Posters" list but not for long. At least PM me and tell me your new ScreenName....I know you must be here. Your posts were too valuable and insightful. Come back...Come back.

  2. ddefina


    I believe he posts under his real name John Borton now rarely? Sounds like he's busy with some programming project.
  3. The spirit of our Brother Turok lives on, even though he is dead... let us rejoice in his life and hope to meet him in heaven...
  4. mgkrebs


    A new post count to be listed under the members name. This would be the number of posts with the word "brother" or "brethren". For instance under Candletrader's name it would read:

    posts: 639
    posts with bro/bre: 627

    whaddya think?
  5. Aghast!

    Gone is the 2002 performance of alfa trading on their home page, and apparently mr. testimonial, mr. turok is experiencing bigger problems with his alfa brethren than time that can be alotted to this board!

    Or maybe he was severely reprimanded for exposing their awkward accounting of stocks they pretend to go long, but never traded at their entry price!!

    Tsk, tsk. mr. turokestimonial, where have you gone?