where is the SEC ?

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  1. Every stock involved in a merger deal that I look at these days had a move the days leading to the announcement !

    look at HCA

    seriously wtf ! NOONE IS TALKING ABOUT IT ? ! surely there must be some people complaining about this .
  2. Of course they are. A guy named Aguirre has the SEC tied up in a knot. Now the press is labeling him as complainer because he filed an age discrimination suit. He's a nut, because his brother, a City Attorney for San Diego did something or other showing a Liberal bent..... this has been going on for as long as I remember. And what they always do is nail a little guy someplace and say, "see, we're on it."

    Check Friday afternoon's trading vs. Saturday's Barron's. I haven't in years, but I know the answer.

    PS, thought the same thing as you and just shrugged.
  3. Bob111


    SEC is busy approving restriction on ECN-s free for public data-

    they don't want you see it. the less you know-less you complain...
    thank you SEC
  4. TOTAL BS....i thought pennies was supposed to be "for the public"...so u can have pennies..but cant know what the open market is......MAKES SENSE
  5. I wonder if this means none of this data will be included in everyone's trading platforms either.
  6. maybe they saw our ET posting :)
  7. The SEC was created to garner fees...the more violations the better. Anybody that has worked for a BD knows this.

    They haven't done anything to protect the public since the `act of 34`.

    Ever wonder why a broker/BD with CRD hits longer than war and peace still has a license to operate?
  8. I had a newspaper reporter tell me that Regulators actually read the papers looking for "leads". They are so underfunded, they have to pick their spots.

    I'm listening now to Banking and Finance, and the hammer is coming down because of Patrick Byrne, or so says Charlie Gasparino.

    If people don't believe in the fairness of the markets, there will be no markets. And NOBODY believes in fairness.
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