Where is the right wing outrage?

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  1. ...(Oh yeah, this is just some average guy exercising his right to buy and use guns...He isn't a Muslim so nothing to be outraged about)...

    <img src=http://img.breitbart.com/images/2009/11/6/ap-p/1406b7c8-4a1c-4e88-b694-e3febb0288d9.jpg>

    ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) - Police in Orlando say a gunman has been apprehended after killing one person and injuring five others at a downtown office building where he was let go two years ago.

    Police Chief Val Demings says 40-year-old Jason Rodriguez surrendered to police at his mother's home after officers saw him through a window and asked him to come out.

    She confirms that one person was killed in the shooting at the Legion Place office building downtown. Five others were hurt.

    THIS IS A BREAKING NEWS UPDATE. Check back soon for further information. AP's earlier story is below.

    ORLANDO, Fla. (AP)—A gunman opened fire Friday in the offices of an engineering firm where he was let go more than two years ago. At least six people were hurt and police were searching for a gunman in a sport utility vehicle.

    People streamed out of the 16-story Legion Place office building around lunchtime and some told local television stations they had barricaded themselves inside their offices.

    Orlando Fire Department District Chief Michael Droege said an unknown number of people were still in the building and could be injured. He said the SWAT team was trying to pull people out.

    "The building is not secure now," he said. "It's still unfolding."

    Orlando police spokeswoman Barbara Jones identified the gunman as Jason Rodriguez, 40, and said he might be in a 2002 silver Nissan SUV with license plate D119UX. She said he used to work at the building but did not say where or when he left.

    "I would consider him armed and dangerous," Jones said. She said at least five people were taken to a hospital and another had chest pains but did not go to the hospital. Orlando Regional Medical Center said four people were being treated in the emergency department.

    She confirmed witnesses told police the shooting started at Reynolds Smith & Hill, a transportation engineering consulting firm in the building.

    Company spokesman Mike Bernof told CNN all the people shot were in the firm's office. He could not say if any died.

    Rodriguez, an engineer, was released in June 2007 for performance issues, Bernof said. He could not say why. The firm performs transportation engineering work with the Florida Department of Transportation.

    Gerry Gilgo, who works on the floor where the shooting occurred, told The Associated Press she was meeting a co-worker at the elevators for lunch.

    "She yelled, 'There are gunshots! There are gunshots! Get back in your office,'" Gilgo said.

    Will Halpern, an attorney works on the building's 17th floor, was among the last group to be evacuated. He said the lobby was filled with about 20 officers in SWAT gear, carrying assault weapons, ready to search.

    Interstate 4 was closed in both directions through downtown and nearby schools were locked down.

    Rows of ambulances lined up outside the building as police snipers took up positions around the building and officers on foot and horseback searched the area.
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    I'm outraged.

    I'm also just waiting for that idiot Obama to speak before the cameras about it. Right after he gives a shout out to Scarlett Johansen for writing all those letters to him telling the mighty O how much she loves him.

    (but not before the WH finally bans ALL Fox reporters and camera crews from the premises.)
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  4. Quite true.

    The action is not of Islam.

    The action was by a man...

    The thinking people choose is the enemy or friend, and how they act on their own thinking, is always the underlying causation of right or wrong.

    Over the course of time millions have died in the name of Christ, Muhammed, Moses, etc. and not a single person killed in the name of God or a prophet of God was killed by the name invoked.

    Names of God do not kill. Men kill in the name of God, non God, profit, passion, insanity, power, ideology, etc.

    The real and genuine enemy is fanatical thinking, which has been acted upon in the name of God, country, and many other isms.

    In the name of change you were the biggest honk in this forum for Obama...all in the name of change. Well, the name of change has nothing to do with change itself, just as Islam or Muhammed itself has nothing at all to do with a man killing other human beings.

  5. So you're justifying a murderous rampage by showing us there are others out there doing the same thing?

    You're one sick fuck, get help.
  6. There is no justification of a murderous rampage.

    The point that you missed, is that murderous rampages happen all the time in America.

    They happened before radical Islam, they happened in families, by white, black, brown, Asian, Christian, male, female, wealthy, poor, etc.

    There is no justification for a murderous rampage, and neither is their justification for the type of bigotry routinely seen here at ET.

  7. I agree...777 is sliding fast into his dementia. Flimsy posting, Poor subject judgment.
    Consider this an intervention...Please stop.
  8. I accept that my argument is above your end of the bell curve...

  9. You don't see the difference between some nut killing people and a career soldier lighting up an army base?

    You need help.

  10. Do I see a difference between one nut and another nut killing people...

    No, and I think you are either crazy or a bigot/racist if you see more than the action itself...which is a nut going nuts with a gun.

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