Where is the recession? Show me ?

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  1. Show me ! Where is the recession?

    Todays GDP report March 27, 2008 came in with our economy growing at the rate of 0.60 numbers. So what ? This economy has been red hot for years and a slowdown in winter months is normal. The weather was harsh, days were dark and holidays kicked in for 3 weeks, all kinds people avoiding work etc. So what? Things can get better and maybe next quarter you will have a better number you can chew and spit on.

    Just to remind and keep you level headed and sane- It takes 2 quarters of negative growth to pull in the " R " word. But you have already jumped to conclusions without proof or evidence!

    Its called extrapolating the data to suit ones emotional feelings and present it as if those were facts. I have had it with this doom and gloom club, their only occupation is a national sport and pastime called - pessimism and does nothing but creates damage.

    Get off that... now! Look what you did to the stock market brought it to its knees with your " imaginary recession" and made a fool out of yourself before the world! People in other countries think, that Americans are weak and cowardly.

    Things are not as bad as you made them and almost killed the financial market. A real recession wouldn't have done this much damage! Thats for sure.
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    What is your problem?

  3. u dumb, me smart :D

  4. I do not have a problem, problem starts with whats been done to financial markets based on negative sentiment and a low self esteem and self confidence. Markets are a game of confidence and absence of it makes them worse than they really should be.

  5. How are you smarter than I am?

    1/ You do not buy real estate or own real estate= live in one bed room cage
    2/ You do not buy stocks and equities= but scalp and short for pennies..

    How are you smarter than I am ?

    Answer my post with a solid rebuttal...still not done that. I rule.
  6. The market itself is an indicator of future recession as it represents the collective consciousness of all the market participants. The pricing in the market is based on the future, not now. Bear markets always pre-date an economic slowdown for this reason. We basically entered a bear market at the beginning of this year, so put two and two together...

    I don't use numbers to justify a coming recession because I'm sure I don't know enough information in the grand scheme of things. Opinions are often wrong, but the market never is.
  7. i scalp and short for pennies? heh. ive been holding shorts since december, and scale in out when opportunities arise. i can assure you its not for pennies either. i probably made more in last 2 days p&l than you make in a year. if you've even got a real money account, not your mamas yahoo play money account. also, its a 3 bedroom, and yes i do rent.

    cheers :p

  8. When you say " I donot know enough information" how can you jump to illogical conclusions and turn negative ?
  9. You realize that since you've been a member here, all the markets have really done was go down. You do realize that, dont you?


  10. You do not even own a home. Do not go out and compare yourself with a guy who lives on a hilltop with vista views and eats at Kashmir colored granite counter tops and reads under recessed lights and has an unobstructed view of the city from his bedroom balcony. He probably trades lot smarter than you can..
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