Where is the PPT tonight 6/6/10

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  1. Is it only me but has the PPT forgotten to start buying futures contract this Sunday?
  2. Jeez, can't the get at least one weekend off. Futures have already bounced off them bottom. They're on it.
  3. Wait till 3AM. That's the new m.o. "Showcase" weakness at the opening, then send in the zombie squad to "buy em ugly" in a raw display of power and force.

    Of course, this all assumes that there is a benefit to propping the markets for political purposes..For all we know, we are at the precipice of a whole new round of pandering and threats to embark on QE 2.0.
  4. Been noticing that also. We don't want the general populace to wake up to the prospect of the market falling deeply straight out of the gate. Nevertheless, Joe Plumber has been moving his 401k and mutual funds out of the market to money market and bonds.

    QE 2.0 is coming.

    I think we are facing an ugly deflationary situation aka Japan style. We are a large net importer and all currencies are falling relative to the USD = lower import prices. In addition we have double digit unemployment and excess manufacturing capacity.
  5. There was your PPT for a few minutes on that run from the lows through 1064's. That was some indiscriminate buyer. Round 2? We'll see.

    Wow Euro. Half penny+ drop there in no time.
  6. WOW :eek:
  7. Looks like sub 119.00 coming tonight
  8. Wow. You guys see that "flash-drop" on oil?! I imagine the $70 level stops along with the in market sellers.

    ES nice. This is some wild evening session in all three: Equities/Forex/Oil.

    And I thought I was the only one trading at this time ;).
  9. forex is whipsawing.
  10. S2007S


    Just wait until the SPX breaks 1040, the games are just about to begin when it breaks that support level. The real fun really begins under spx 1000 which by the way is going to happen.
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