Where is the hottest stock market now?

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    Heard Slim is the #2 richest man, because mexican stock market. I also heard Vietnam is up 50% in 1 month. How is India? S.Korea?

    I am in the Chinese Market, now. Feeling pretty good, up 3-4% every day. It will continues to its full valuation and over it. Still has 50% to 100% room to grow this year.

    I am wondering is there are any hotter markets.

    By the way, when Iraq, Iran and N.Korea will open an stock market? I will trade there.

    Now, I truely feel sad for those English only Speakers, because they could not read any development in those countries. Those developing countymen now see their assets and wealths quickly catch up the big guys.
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    found this on google

    Take last year, for example: The S&P 500 Index rose 13.6%.

    Not too shabby ¡ª right?

    Well, consider this:

    If you had invested in Spain¡¯s IBEX 35 Index instead, you would have done more than two times better ¡ª with a 31.8% gain ...
    Mexico¡¯s Bolsa Index could have made you more than three times more money ¡ª with a 48.6% gain ...
    Russia¡¯s RTS Index would have made you nearly five times richer than the S&P 500¡ª with a 71% gain ...
    If you¡¯d invested in China¡¯s Shanghai SE A Share Index instead of the S&P, you would have made ten times more money ¡ª with a 130.6% gain, and ...
    Vietnam¡¯s STC could have made you more than eleven times richer ¡ª with a mind-boggling 144.5% gain!

    The question is Where is the next BOOM?
  3. zimbabwe dude
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    i'm trading the bangledesh market. everyones selling there united nations food rations for stock.screw food i want stock. actually the craze for stock in emrging markets puts the naz 90's run to shame
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    any website, url to show the index chart?

    how is the P/E, PEG for stocks there?
    Chinese average P/E is still pretty low and PEG is good too. The weired thing is that the growth of EPS, Sales were low in 2005 but high in 2007. There are not much change in overall economy. It seems managers are more motivated to cook book in a higher P/E stock market.
  6. Netherlands/Holland .........buy tulips & tulip bulbs....you can't go wrong.
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    url to show the index?

    only up by
    52wk Range: 409.56 - 526.81

    52wk Range: 1,353.40 - 3,563.86

    52wk Range: 8,799.01 - 14,723.90

    52wk Range: 883.29 - 1,316.13

    52wk Range: 16,464.600 - 29,938.700
  8. I think S America is supplying lots of raw materials to China, so that area could continue marching upwards too... Bovespa BSVP I think
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    hey qll,

    I thought you`re into small cap stocks.

    man, you`re all over the place:D
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    if Elitetrader had a "hall-of-fame" thread list I'd vote for this....

    fresh fresh fresh tulips!

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