Where is the future of auto trading platforms going?

Discussion in 'Risk Management' started by paulgun, Jun 9, 2011.

  1. paulgun


    I am a newbie, and as of yet do not know any programming language but willing to learn one. I started trading way back in 1985. I have been waiting for this moment for 25 years. I know a lot about indicators but want to do auto trading because of emotional stress and the number of trades are in hundreds/day. There is no way to do it manually.
    My question is I am hearing so many directions I could go and a bit confused. Would some one kindly help as to where is the future of auto trading platforms going. Like Xcel/easy language (multiCarts/tradstation/ etc. Please some one who know all this help!!!!
  2. Hundreds of trades a day as a newbie? Sounds scary. Be sure you have backtested you strategies comprehensively (including the commisions you pay :) )

    Programming a poor system is a sure way to kill your account in no time. So: don't jump the gun!
  3. Eight


    I believe that Openquant shows the way forward. It is not set up for manual trading or even semiautomatic trading in that it has no tools for drawing on charts. The charts are just there to display what the autotrading system does. The thing about it is that the scripting is done in C++ and the programming environment is completely set up for autotrading. It has event driven programming structure.

    I'm currently using Sierrachart and I can write code to replicate the event driven structure, and have in fact. It's a big step in making production of a script for trading very easy.

    If you are going to learn to write a script then Ninjatrader is the place to start. Their documentation is wonderfully complete and easy to follow and they have a little of the event driven structure going. Openquant's is not at all, in fact you better be a good C programmer to even venture there and Sierracharts is fairly good but nowhere near what you need to begin writing scripts...