where is the dollar is worthless et crowd?

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  1. where is the dollar is worthless et crowd? kind of quiet.
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    can u compare the US to Germany or to China?

    a little move and the US gun slingers come out of the closet.

    remember the euro was once .84 $US
    dollar and euro are both worthless.
  3. Look at the economic data, the debt, unemployment, the consumer, the dollar is technically worthless. Inflation will eat what remains. Only positive thing for the dollar is the fear of euro land defaulting making the euro weak and dollar uptick. The dollar. Will detest. Lows....as unemployment numbers get worse in second quarter.
  4. it is classic. whenever something gets real loud on et you can bet on a reversal soon.
    now i am patiently waiting for the black monday crowd to appear.


    Well, old Jim Rogers said in the past that he would be using USD bounces to get out of his reserves. Time will tell.
  6. zdreg


    it is a race to the bottom between 2 worthless currencies.

    rogers has predicted the demise of the euro with no date.


    It does actually make sense if they get to 1:1

  8. Yeah, but since FX is all about the underlying's relationship to other currencies via cross pairs, this is a pretty huge deal.

    In fact it is more about this aspect than interest rates, deficits, unemployment, or whatever.

    So far it is enough to frustrate the masses who are all clamoring about a must-be-soon-to-be-completely-tanking USD.

    As long as the perception that USA will never default holds up, the dollar will be OK, IMHO.

    Once that facade cracks, and it will eventually, then we are all well and truly screwed.

    But as they say: "The Market can remain irrational for longer than a person can remain solvent."

  9. It is just "less" worthless today than other currencies. Give it time and see where it is a year from now. Same old flight as in 2008 when your stock portfolio fell apart.
  10. by the way where is the gold to 2000 never to go below 1200 ever again crowd?
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