Where is the bear market?

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  1. Where is the recession?

    Where is the credit crunch?

    Where is the liquidity crisis?

    Please help me find it.

    Visa stock up so much....
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    Google it.
  3. Today is strong but why do you pretend there are no worries out there? You think Bearn Stearns went down for no reason? Things like that dont just "happen" for no reason

  4. There are worries out there, but none of them are a very big deal. The fact that commodities are falling in spite of a large rate cut is a good sign regarding inflation. This is an excellent buying opp.
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    Don't tell me you're just back from vacation. There were hot action on BSC. Ignore individual company's performance. Look for the Wall Street firms (king of indicators), if they are doing good mean the market (economy) as a whole is doing good too, and vice-versa.

  6. You dont think that a firm such a Bear Stearns going down and possibly others waiting in the wings is a big deal? These firms ARE Wall Street. Personally I think Bernake did what he HAD to do because the situation was so dire. You think the FED cutting rates as aggressively as they have is an indication of a good economy?

    Please explain why you think the fed did what it has over the last two months in response to everything being just fine (in your words).

  7. LOL I guess that emergency rate cut a few weeks back was Bernake saying "Hey everyone, we have an emergency. The economy is doing great!"

    ahahahaha :D
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    Are you still "taking candy from a baby" with POT, MOS, and MON???
  9. I sold my MOS wed. in the premarket to buy VISA stock
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    2morow market holiday?
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