Where is Stop order placed? exchange or broker?

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    Is stop order placed IN exchange, or on broker's servers?

    If it is placed IN exchange, then this stop informaion will be seen by other players.
  2. I'm fairly certain that stops are placed on the brokers side.
  3. it depends, stop orders for the CME are held at the exchange... I don't know if any other exchange carries this policy...
  4. Seriously, do you think they go gunning for "your" stops? They know where the weak hands are. Find an absolute point of entry with a defined risk where you can either bail with a small loss, get stopped out, reverse or re-enter. If you do not have these 4 action plans in mind when entering, do not enter.

    I am not always able to mentally follow through myself, but I know the plan up front.
  5. Good point the don't need to see your actual stops, they don't care; in order to know they're there... it just takes is price discovery below support/above resistance for all the stops to kick in...
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    FXTraderWill wrote:
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    Because the specialist isn't really involved like before - the specialists are just daytraders now. Before, they could see stop orders and control market orders and lock the book - traders who became familiar with how different specialists work orders could profit by reading the specialists. Now those techniques don't work. You also can't get in ahead of a cross on the NYOB, or blowup a stepping short with the same predictability as before.

    Also, Chinese brokers gave me warning when they enabled the stop features: "since currently chinese exchange does not support stops, use stops at your own risks". the wording means foreign exchanges will support stops.