Where Is Stocktrad3r ????

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  2. That picture reminds me. I was fishing and cast a line, set the pole down on the side of the boat (16 ft boat). Then I turned around and took my other pole to cast off the opposite side of the boat, I went to cast and hooked the pole I just set down, it went flying over my head and the weight and unexpectedness of the whole situation pulled the pole out of my hand and they both went sailing into the water. That was that.
  3. I think the immortal words of Owen Wilson in Wedding Crashers might sum up Stocktrad3r's self-imposed hiatus:

    "I put myself on the line,
    you shoot it down with your negativity.
    Your goddamn negativity!
    I don't need it! I'm an idea man.
    I thrive on enthusiasm. Don't take
    the wind out of my sails. I need you."

    Either that or we'll start hearing that special brand of S3r wisdom again when the dow sniffs new highs again.
  4. Indeed. The Trad3r's a classic case of a legend in his own mind...
  5. you guys have no idea. web 2.0 is going to come and goog is going to the moon. with or without the bull market. inflation is good, and a weak dollar is good for exports, whateva da hell dat means. its true. just tune to cnbc and hear what the real analysts are saying. it is how superstocktrader gets all of his picks. and chanellingstocks.com. its how i retired early. next i am looking at wealthlabpro from fidelity. I can backtest my ideas upto ten years back, so I can see EXACTLY how I would have done. exactly. :D
  6. Good story! Charlie Chaplin never did anything that funny.

    When I was about 14 years old I was fishing in the lake behind my home. A "hit" could be felt on the lure at a certain point on 2 successive casts, but I could not hook the fish. "Alright", I thought, "I'm gonna drive this hook home, and catch this fish." A couple of turns on the reel later, I felt the tap on the lure and leaned back to set the hook as hard as possible. I felt the lure break the surface of the water and pull free, coming quickly in my direction. Before I could move out of the way, a small, wet, "fingerling" smacked me in the face, and fell to the ground wiggling on the end of the lure.
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    where all of his posts eliminated
  8. OK. Let's hear some more fishing stories on this thread. We've already got 2.
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    I was flyfishing as a teenager and I caught the hook on my eyelid. I had to walk back to where we were camping to have my dad pull it out. No scar.
  10. I was fishing for perch in Millerton NY when I was 6
    I caught a large snapping turtle instead
    Named him Zoltan
    took him home and fed him live grasshoppers

    cool turtle
    I like turtles - they don't bark
    (I have 2 dogs)
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