where is ron paul?

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  1. where is ron paul? according to the intelligencia on et ron paul is the savior of the nation. yet he bounces along the bottom at about 5%. even in the deep red southern states his message is falling flat. what gives? is everyone else blind or is et populated by a bunch of missfits?
    i am disappointed. i wanted him to do well enough to have the confidence to run third party.
  2. Isn't that how we got stuck with clinton.
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    Paul is hated by the establishment in his own party. So while I'm not willing to say that outright fraud has occurred the actions in many of the state caucuses have been stretching the limits of acceptable behavior.

    The mass media doesn't like Paul either. Faux News hates him because he's not a war monger, and won't start a war with another country that hasn't attacked us and for which congress has given no declaration of war. All the other networks hate him because he doesn't believe the federal government should overstep its constitutional bounds and try to create a socialist utopia. So the mass media has done an excellent job of marginalizing his campaign, and has convinced lots of people not to vote for him because "he can't win".
  4. 8% in your home state of texas means you are out of touch with reality:

    But these are the kind of rules that Paul has hoped to take advantage of from the beginning, with limited results so far. Nor do the current polls look too good for him: He’s at 8 percent in Texas in a new survey from WPA Opinion Research.

    Whither Ron Paul?
    Lost in the debate between Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney over whether the GOP contest is now a two-man race or a three-man race: There’s still a fourth guy.

    Ron Paul’s relevance has faded in recent weeks as his campaign fails to secure delegates or poll competitively with the major contenders. While he has placed second in a number of states, he is the only candidate remaining who has yet to win a single contest. On Tuesday, he finished a distant fourth in Alabama and Mississippi, his delegate total stalled at 48, versus 495 for Mitt Romney, 252 for Santorum and 131 for Gingrich.

    Paul never was expected to seriously compete for the nomination, and his goal has always been to advance his broader libertarian ideology. He did at one point hold a lead in Iowa polls, and many observers thought his potent grassroots operation might power him to some surprise performances in caucus states.

    Instead, his campaign settled into a solid fourth place, and any scraps of media attention his campaign received after Iowa has evaporated. This week the last reporter who was still embedded full time with Paul’s campaign finally left the trail. On Tuesday night, the New York Times writeup of the Alabama and Mississippi results contained0 mentions of Paul; the Associated Press devoted one sentence — noting his lack of effort in the run-up to the vote. He didn’t fare much better in grabbing their attention on Super Tuesday either: The Times mentioned his total delegate count and, in passing, that he was Romney’s only competition on the ballot in Virginia. That was it.

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    Max E.

    Less spending, Less Taxes, Less wars, More freedom..... what a nut Ron Paul is for proposing such crazy concepts......

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    Once again the American people are going to get the dishonest, rights shredding, war mongering, deficit spending government that the vast majority of them richly deserve. The great virtue of democracy.
  7. Entirely correct. Americans are bedazzled and pacified with facebook, twitter, and the bi-sexual interludes of some butt-ugly actress, while the money-printing, stankin' war-pigs run amok.
  8. I dont know why you think that Americans don't like war "mongering". In fact I believe most Americans support war "mongering". War is entertainment for the masses. it gives us a chance to beat our chests and say " hell yeah, USA!"

    War serves to uplift not only a nation's but an individual's ego and psyche as long as it is not we who are dying of course. And let's face it, the majority of those who join the military and who die in wars are poor,uneducated young men from deprived areas. They are the nameless who serve as pawns in this game.

    It is no different from cheering on your local sports team or betting on say, a dog-fighting match, a cock fighting match. You get the thrill, you get the entertainment and you are not the one getting mauled.

    So do we love war? You betcha
  9. Fukin' A dude! The roman coliseum needs to a steady supply for the "gladiator fights"!!
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    Correct, Maxie.

    Where's Ron Paul?
    He's in Texas weeping.
    Weeping because Americans are too damned stupid to understand what has happened/is happening to the USA.
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