Where is PPT ???

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by IV_Trader, Nov 8, 2007.

  1. EOM
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    It is not 2:00pm. Just wait 40min
  3. but... what if there is a traffic jem in Hamptons ? Imagine the horror
  4. S2007S



    probably is, without the PPT and free money the market can't move higher. Without the PPT these past few months the dow would be trading under 12k.
  5. Bowgett


    Don't worry about the traffic they have helicopters ;)
  6. fighting over in Iraq,

    they got called up....
  7. Um was that intended to be a joke? Not funny.
  8. Realist


    This time around they may just let it go. The BoE and the Fed have already warned the public that systemic risks still remain and to expect further losses. So at least the Fed Heads can come back around and say, "see, we told ya so!". 91-Day T-Yields today showing us that the dash to cash is already coming back around...
  9. According to last gps signal, the PPT is lost somewhere between the towns named "Rock" and "Hard Place". There've been many to enter that stretch of highway and never find their way to an exit.
  10. Sobieski


    The PPT have done their job; they created all the rallies the past weeks for the big fish to get out of their long positions and go short.

    Now is the fun part, watching the brain dead zombies buy the dips that never turn around.
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