Where is Obama?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by CaptainObvious, Nov 21, 2008.

  1. Bush is gone, completely out of it. There is NO leadership now. The entire country is in a crash and burn mode and neither one of these nitwits have a plan. Change? Looks like more of the same gross incompetence to me.
    I suppose Obama supporters will say It's on Bush to do something. Let me tell you something. True leaders step up in a crisis and they don't give a flyin' fuck about policy or hurting someones feelings. If this is a sign of things to come...we're all pretty much screwed.
    And one more thing. Why the hell is this stupid bitch Hilldabeast dominating the news? Why is she even being considered? Obama just playing politics, business as usual.
    Terrorists called Obama a House Negro. IMO that would be a bump up in status. Looks like a smooth talking shine to me. All show, no substance.
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    WTF are you foaming about? If he tried anything at all authoritative, you'd be among the first calling for his head, for daring to usurp the Constitution. Go away, Private Oblivious.
  3. Secretary of State Hilldabeast. Christ almighty, so much for change. So much for judgement. I didn't think it possible, but this guy Obama might actually be dumber than Bush. This is gonna' be a f'n circus.
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    " Where is Obama?"

    Check the basketball court.

    If he's not there try the local Church's Fried Chicken.

    Then again maybe he's in bed with Bill Ayers.
  5. I think that CaptainOblivious and LeCrum should take a moment to fully appreciate how remarkably racist their comments are regarding their next president. I am thoroughly disgusted by guys like you. However, I am fairly confident that you would have a lot in common, and much to talk about, with al-Zawahiri.

    What's the matter, Captain, he hasn't solved the world's problems for you yet? And you've been so patient.
  6. Thunderdog just face it. Obama cannot and won't be able to do anything better than Bush with this financial crisis.

    Looking at this fair mindedly i would say Obama's popularity will hugely start to decrease before he ever has the chance to personally tarnish it. Once time starts rolling on though he will become drastically unpopular mainly because his followers actually think he can impact the financial situation.

    If he raises taxes i see his approval rating at around 10% in a year or two.
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    I'm thoroughly disgusted by foreigners who can't mind their own business.

    As you mentioned he will be MY president, NOT yours. I figure I can say anything about him I want. You know freedom of speech and that sort of thing.

    Well except maybe threatening to assassinate his sorry clueless liberal ass.
    I believe that's a federal offense.
  8. Keep it up, LeCrum. One day, you may even elevate to the lofty heights of white trash status. I have confidence in you.
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    That's probably aiming a little too high. Besides, they're a little too snooty for me.

    I was thinking more along the lines of an uppity Canadian know it all liberal.
    It's a stretch I know, but no harm in hoping eh?
  10. "Ah, but a man's reach should exceed his grasp, or what's a heaven for?”

    - Robert Browning
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