Where is Netflix Going- 500 or 300?

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  1. How much more growth is left in Netflix. With the net neutrality issues looming plus more content coming from all over is there really a unique proposition in Netflix. How much more can they grow? I loved it at 90 loved it at 65 now at these levels will it reach 500 or sink to 300. Blockbuster is still alive. I took a look at Amazon prime and I have to say that they could behead Netflix in a few years with more new movies. Google fiber coming also to the rest of America will most likely bring in more competitors. Great cash business but after you bing watch everything whats left to watch?

    Any takers either way. I wish I had a good straddle strategy for this. I think their growth cycle is over. Now its a shareholder based value play to keep up the current subscription levels.
  2. Well although I agree fundamentally it is questionable at it's current price. However, the price action looks phenomenal, it had a little breakout recently followed by a re-test of support and (so far) it looks like that support is holding. I'd say you'll see 500 before you're going to see 300 again.
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  3. I don't own it but 2 buddies do. I've sent them this, but they want to hold till it hits $750 because they believe it will take out the 161.8% shown below and go to 261.8%. :D

    This being ET one has to specify this is not a nanosecond, 5 sec. or 20 second concept - we be at weekly for this baby

    If LONG, sell, sell, sell

    If stubborn, defo sell when trendline (red) on weekly breaks.

    Note how Netflix loves Fibonacci - 2011 top was 100% perfect hit @ 423.6%

    Now in 2014 its up @ 161.8%.

    Clear 5 waves up from 2002.

    First drop will be all the way to support @ $300

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    They are expanding to Europe now and then to Asia next? Strong dip buying opportunity.....
  5. Netflix looks like its heading to $500 short term. I can't see the cost of bandwidth decreasing anytime soon. but the hype will be around for the short term. 188 P/E is making many nervous. I think the range top is $500 but the shorts are increasing with every tick. How many other shows can they get. Average up on a short - I think Google -Amazon & apple will not stand buy as they eat their lunch. Many people I know have the service don't use it but still pay it monthly. It works so it may replace Tv in many foreign countries.

  6. >>>>>> If stubborn, defo sell when trendline (red) on weekly breaks. >>>>>>

    Trendline broken.

    Final nails in the coffin = when the $427.29 low is taken out, then followed by $412.51 also taken out.

    Then it goes into freefall to $300

    From $54 to $490 and people still wonder whether they should SELL? Gives new meaning & depth to GREEEEED

  7. line #2 should read $437.29 instead of 427.29
  8. Oy, famous last utterings...

  9. Dropped to $331 already.

    Yawn! Just another bum called right by AfterLOS

    Chalk up 2000 more dislike points here too :):cool:
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