Where is my post about GOLD ?!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by harrytrader, Feb 7, 2003.

  1. ?
  2. GOLD
  3. Sanjuro


    You could've at least looked up your own name
    in the Search and checked for your most recent posts!
  4. maybe he's talking about the one that got deleted where he said "F*** GOLD and f*** everyone on this whole f***ing forum."

    j/k of course.
  5. Thanks. The #@^*% has displaced in chitchat :D


    I do not agree but don't bother finally I just wanted to know what happened to the thread :)

  6. harrytrader,

    I think your signature needs to be a little bigger. :p
  7. It contains trading stuff so why chitchat :
    The proof I did even give the low within two points on Dow:


    "in worst case 7832 should
    hold if min base of 8037 is broken. So bears should be careful
    since the market is poised for a bounce on weekly chart."

    7832 how much did we made at the very low of this week huh ? 7830.02 :D
  8. Like gas I tend to expand :D . But I will change it soon: I decided to create a new signature each week.