Where is Market Volume?

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by silenttrader, Jan 11, 2009.

  1. Holidays are over, yet trading volume continues to be low. Are MM just sitting on sidelines or is this Madoff /de-leveraging effect, such that we will not see prior volumes because people have pulled out money from equities?
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    Think its at least 2 or more things.
    1]QQQQ,SPY .....look like they hit a notable bottom[ not necessarily ''the bottom''], but could be for a while-trend change.
    No doubt many were horrified to go thru a bear ,1st time.

    2]So many wrong uses of over-excess leverage;
    looks like less leverage . so less vol. Exspect a bit more vol as the up trend or downtrend manifests, takes more time.:cool:
  3. It looks like you're comparing the blood batch in Sep and Oct to Dec and Jan.
  4. Last Thursday, ESH9 had little over 3M, it was pretty big volume.