Where is Mag Light?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Landis82, Apr 17, 2009.

  1. Did he get banned or suspended for his RACIST posts on ET?
  2. He was wasting his time and gave up. They always do. I forget which President crushed the Klan, but they haven't had much footing since then.
  3. Cesko


    ......camo wearing blowhard cowards?This hillbilly trash relate to one another.Stupidity is an amazing unifier!

    .....at the crowd of camo wearing cowards and their racist placards.Its a who's who of radical militia rednecks and losers.

    ....In fact obama has announced TAX CUTS for all these hillbillies

    You mean getting banned for inappropriate remarks about blacks? Judging by your reaction to the nutjob who wrote all of the above, for some reason you are OK with that.

    So much for the principle.
  4. Funny.

    It took him that LONG to figure out that his RACIST posts on ET had no effect on anyone and at some point, would no longer be tolerated by management?

    Another "pea-brain" loser.