Where is Laci ?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by freealways, Feb 9, 2003.

  1. A more applicable question would be 'Where is John Edwards'

    Here is this guy claiming to be able to speak to people in 'the other world' and here is the perfect opportunity to prove once and for all that he isn' talking nonsense so where is he (and all those other mediums) ?

  2. if *she* didn't "cross over" yet then Mr Edwards would get a busy signal:confused:
  3. My point is that it isn't only in the trading world that there are people conning us but also in 'the real world'.

    Then again, perhaps it is a bit like championship wrestling, just a big joke. The guys are just actors as well as being very fit and quite athletic.

    I remember getting very excited when I saw the wrestling on T.V. for the first time in my life (in 1960). In my naivity I got very excited at first as it was obvious to me that they were just pretending to hurt each other and couldn't believe that others perceived it as 'real'.

    I see things a little bit different now, having lately been
    'educated', watching both John Edwards and the Jerry Springer show.