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  1. V.P. candidate? He's MIA, hidden from the press. This is the guy that's supposed to make us all comfortable being a "heartbeat from the presidency". I don't think so. Let's remember that Biden could never get so much as a blip in any of his primary events while running for president. There's a reason for that...the people know he's completely unqualified to be president. Yet the MSM seems to have no problem with this issue.
    If it's OK to talk about Mac being a likely dead in office president, we surely must admit that Obama is at risk as well. If you're uncomfortable with Palin being a heartbeat away, you must, if you're intellectually honest, be just as fearful of Biden being a heartbeat away. I know it's a stretch asking radical lefties to be intellectually honest.
  2. They got a new one now.... "Tito the construction worker" he was on FOX ... wears shades all the time..... McCain figures if you attack Tito, then you are a racist.

    Hey McCain..... SCREW YOU AND TITO and Joe the pumber too!
  3. In 4 years you'll be saying "Hey Obama..... SCREW YOU AND..."
  4. If he does a bad job..... absolutely!
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    I don't know how people can be comfortable with any of these jokers in office. Or any of the other recent nominees: Bush, Bush, Clinton, Clinton, Kerry, Gore, Dole, McCain, Obama, Biden and Palin. If I were running a POTUS search committee and that's all we had so far - the Oval Office would still be empty.

    Problem is, anybody with strong ability to run the executive branch already has a much, much, much better job in the private sector with more authority, a lot more money and a whole lot less of all the crap you have to deal with as POTUS. Even if you could hand the job on a silver plate to your pick, no top notch talent would take it. But we can't even do that, no they must campaign. And after that long, expensive nasty-@$$ campaign where they practically have to give BJs for campaign donations all day, they only have about a 50% chance of getting the job that really isn't worth it.
  6. BRAVO for an intelligent, reasonably accurate and objective posting! I knew you had it in you!