Where is it gone?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by minimi, May 19, 2003.

  1. minimi


    Like recent cancellation fee imposed by the vampire blood suckers cut deeply into my profit, my free disk space is draining dry as well. But the difference is that I have no idea where it is gone. What should I do?

  2. Go get a 44 magnum - the most powerful handgun in the world. Load it - pull the hammer back. Hold it approximately 12 inchs above your disk - point it directly at the center of your disk - pull the trigger -

    That should give your disk some more free space

    ps. no thanks necessary - glad that I could help!!!
  3. I thought the Desert Eagle was the most powerful handgun?
  4. whatever:)
  5. minimi


    What?! I cannot understand you. I am asking help to find a software to track where disk space are allocated to by what program. Frankly, advanced operating systems should keep this under audit. Now, you tell me to use a gun. That's just a nonsense like the SEC.
  6. The Desert Eagle fires a 44 magnum round.
  7. Kernol


    select a folder..... right click.... properties...

    should give you the number of files and disk space used

    good luck
  8. tommyc


    That is nonsense. Why spend the money on a gun when you can take a hammer and make a pretty big hole to free up disk space?

  9. You should kill yourself...quick.....no time for indecision....Pull the car into the garage, shut the door, put on some heavy metal and drink some wine....and go0ooooo to slleeeeeeep........And if that doesn't;t work , just jump a high building
  10. You're a failure. Quit. Give up. It's over.
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