Where is growth going to come from...

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    lol. i was going to post the same thing.

    oh, and...

    "Implied sarcasm rarely gets noticed around here. It's like 80% of ETers have autism."

    autism, not a laughing matter- except in this case! again, was thinking the same thing (well, except for the autism line).
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  2. +1
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    the stimulus isn't going to push the US economy much at all- it's a liberal spending spree of biblical proportions with very little falling in 2009. China, on the other hand, their stimulus is targeted. never though China would be schooling the US in economics.

    i agree with you, but got to keep things in context. we were priced for the implosion of the world banking system in march and Bernanke did a good job avoiding that. we were undervalued once implosion was off the table. we're seeing the appropriate rally. granted, i thought it would stall long before now, but things overshooting is par for the course.

    don't know about you guys, but i am terrified every time i'm short. we gotta be getting close to the end. i am just soooooooo hoping we get a classic capitulation type blowoff like we had on teh way down so i can short this thing for a swing trade in my non-daytrading acct. S&P @ 945 is resist- but i'd still be afraid, >1000 and i'll short with some fear (too obvious a spot). wet dream is a melt-up to 1100...
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    Yeah. GS census. Get key ppl and distribute; make noise.
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  5. This is a valid question.

    IMHO< growth will come from the Energy Sector...(Biased on this one but the writting is on the wall.) Both Green Energy and Hydrocarbon production.

    Health Care. Technology included in this Health Care.

    Goverment Jobs...thats a given...even with OBAMA saying he wants to trim fat...lol.
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  6. "Where is growth going to come from..."

    from greens shooting out of Obama's a**
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  7. Growth only means here's a better way of doing it: better television, new car you need to get, new biomedical breakthrough that you can't do without.

    So there is always improvisation, improvements.

    What is unsaid about 1930's is that half the world was a powder keg. Who would want to expand production, design new anything, if some goose-stepping army might just take it.

    Although this problem may happen in our future years with obama, he (and we) don't have that problem now.
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    One word: FAIRTAX

    Yes, it can be done.
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  9. Quote from Scataphagos:

    As for REAL economic growth, America is TOAST. The only thing which could put us back onto a genuine growth path would be for us to become "tax and business friendly"... such that foreign capital might be attracted to America to make their wares and employ Americans in so doing.


    1000% correct.............

    At this point in the game....

    A complete tax restructure is the only "real chance"
    for the US economy to do what it needs to do....

    Less is more ....is just not understood by the politicos....

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