Where is growth going to come from...

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    My question to every optimistic bull/individual out there is if the worse of the recession is over and the economy is headed for higher growth ahead what will push our economy ahead? The housing boom pushed our economy to new heights creating MILLIONS of jobs over the last decade, the dot com boom created massive amounts of wealth and created jobs, jobs and more jobs and what happened next. Where is the next MAJOR catalyst going to come from, you can only stimulate an economy for so long, I figure the stimulus plan worth billions of dollars is only going to push the economy so far. Where is the catalyst going forward, what is going to push our global economy to new heights once again???
  2. Dude, one word...."CENSUS". :p
  3. As the government runs ever bigger deficits and the Liberals "redistribute wealth and income", there can appear to be growth "if you look at it right". That is, if you measure what is spent without regard where the money came from, it can look like growth.

    As for REAL economic growth, America is TOAST. The only thing which could put us back onto a genuine growth path would be for us to become "tax and business friendly"... such that foreign capital might be attracted to America to make their wares and employ Americans in so doing.

    Sadly, the Liberals have us on an anti-growth, anti-business... path of wealth destruction.... eating our seed corn... :mad:
  4. That's not growth... it's redistribution of wealth. Government jobs are NEVER "growth" but rather a parasitic burden upon the productive.
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    Where is growth going to come from...

    Federal Government.

    They are going to own, operate, oversee,
    manage, control, stimulate and most importantly FUCK UP EVERYTHING
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    I'm having a 2007 flash back, this is exactly what all the bears, myself included were asking back then and never could find a good answer beyond a green tech and energy evolution but that seemed more feasible with oil at $150 than it does now, even the Aussies are putting the implementation of their green plans on hold.

    Census :) that cracks me up. You should see the people who were formerly in well paying white collar jobs who are really proud to be hired for the census, acting like they are working for Obama directly!
  7. Obamanomics is nothing but a liar loan like reflation scheme.

    We're printing, borrowing and spending money we don't have, won't be able to pay back, while millions and millions of jobs are being lost, this time permanently.

    Small and mid-sized businesses are closing, and large businesses are relocating to cheap labor, biz friendly nations like China, India, Singapore, Taiwan at a pace never before seen.

    We're going to see a crash in the United States that will rival 1929.

    Wait, watch and witness.
  8. markets can and will go up, but economy will not get better

    inflation is inevitable, and as they inflate their way out, they will have to increase the rate of inflation too
  9. Implied sarcasm rarely gets noticed around here. It's like 80% of ETers have autism.
  10. Obama’s mission is redirect corporate and high wealth individuals assets into health, education, well fare and government. These sectors are already maximized with government spending.

    New taxes will suck the life blood out of business job creation and the economy. For the foreseeable future we will have no job creation, a stagnant economy, a dwindling middle class and inflation hiding in the wings.
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