where is eur headed?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by SAJWANRISHI, Apr 16, 2008.

  1. hey guys any stopping for the Euro rally?
    Any fesh thoughts apart from the oil and intt differential story!!!!!:confused:
  2. most people on ET think the dollar is dropping out with no low in sight. Most analysts think 1.65 ish will see intervention by G7 countries.

    I say look to the ECB when they change their "inflation is everything statements", THEN look for reverse in trend.

    personally, i think its sooner rather than later. GBP and CAN have topped vs the $, and maybe JPY soon too. GBP is also at record lows vs the Euro due to the same reasons as the US more or less.
  3. We have a forex forum, just to let you know.
  4. It is time for old europe to be thrown back to the ground. The EUR "bubble" is about to burst across the board. What goes up....
  5. Sounds insane, but I think 1.75 is the target.
  6. wucah


    Easily 2.0 within this year!
  7. If it were around 1.60 before the Fed went nuts with rates, I might agree. But now, when they're almost done cutting? No way.
  8. ? Europe is seeing some inflation themselves. Will slow things down a bit.
  9. Yeh agree with u pal.

    After thursday's somments from the officials it seems ECB is a bit uncomfortable now/probably they feel that growth will be hampered by a very strong Euro though its a cushion for ever increasing crude prices.

    Feel that we should be looking for bigger bear rallies now.