Where is Elaine Choa?, over 240,000 jobs lost!

Discussion in 'Economics' started by limitdown, Apr 6, 2008.

  1. the economic realities, bankruptcies, bailouts, borrowing on a national level and the sheer hopelessness are worse than your 4yr old complement.

    oh, wait a minute, hold the phone, you did me even better, 8yr old....

    wow, can they read?

    since no child was to be left behind?, only to see everyone's school district worse off than 8yrs ago?

    hey, is that nightmare over yet?

    dat woud make tings much more better....

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  2. one down

    (VP Biden sworn in)

    one more to go

    YoYo Ma playing now


    so are the bush(s) gone yet?and their failed economic policies?

    oh yeah, 4 more years

    and the economy is fundamentally sound!
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  3. What? You don't expect the NObama adminstration to LIE OUT THEIR COLLECTIVE ASSES as did the Bush Administration and all which came before?
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  4. hey, who am I?

    Will I am!

    it doesn't matter what I tink...

    what matters is how the markets respond, and whether we as traders can capitalize off it,

    no matter who's in power.....

    we will long them, short them, hedge them, trade them and cash them in.....

    won't we now?:D
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  5. my appologies Pabst Blue Ribbon!

    what those marmalukes did over the last 8 years is really coming out now in the wash, or in the financial press, and the lives of so many millions of broken, down trodden, bankrupt Americans...

    no more ideological discussions,
    no more offense at political conversations or financial perspectives.

    just real families, no longer in the homes that they could afford, never mind those who gambled, or were never going to afford a home...

    never mind those who leveraged multiple homes trying to get rich from real estate,

    just mind those who were hard working honest families, now broken and on bread lines at the nearest food bank....

    have you seen those lines?

    Elaine Chow what a job your department did on us all!
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